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October 19, 2018

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Closeups of Our Barware

August 1, 2019

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Top 5 Must Haves When Planning a Baby Shower

July 25, 2018

So, you have been recruited to plan a baby shower. Congrats! Now, planning a shower does take some time and money, but I have put together a list of 5 must haves you NEED at a baby shower.


1. Food & Proper Table Wear



Yes, some people actually FORGET or don't think that you need food at a baby shower. YOU NEED FOOD. You don't need a full meal, but when people are coming during lunch time and staying for at least an hour, you should provide snacks and finger foods. Luckily, we have create a Baby Bundle for this exact situation. We have a Reveal Bundle (pink and blue), Baby Girl Bundle (pink), and Baby Boy Bundle (blue) to make the party look put together. 


2. Baby Games


Yes this may seem cheesy, but it is a great way for people to mingle. The Mom-To-Be will have friends from all walks of life there, so be sure to have some fun activities to make the time pass and so there aren't any awkward lulls in conversations. Plus, games will keep guests from dipping out early. 


3. DIY Photo Booth



This can be as simple as making a square cut out with the words "____'s Baby Shower, July 2018." The Mom-To-Be will want to remember the day, so help her out with a designated photographer and a cute sign. It doesn't have to be over the top or cost a lot of money! Just get creative!


4. A Designated Area for Gifts & A Designated Gift Recorder


You should have an area for gifts, whether that be an empty table or couch, people will bring gifts (and some will be large!) Also be sure to have someone who writes down every gift received and the person who gave it, so the Mom-To-Be can write Thank You notes. 


5. Enough Chairs/Places to Sit


You would be surprised about how many people attend baby showers. You can underestimate, which leads to people standing for long amounts of time. Whether that means renting a few foldable chairs or choosing a different venue that is larger, just be sure to have enough seating for guests (and even a few more in case anyone brings a friend, daughter, etc.). 




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