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October 19, 2018

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Closeups of Our Barware

August 1, 2019

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The Best Weddings Of All Time

May 16, 2018

Weddings, how can you not love 'em? They're fun to watch, but even more fun to be a part of. Today, I am talking about some of our favorite weddings of all time. While the marriages may no longer be flourishing, the pictures, videos, and memories still last the test of time. 


1. Princess Diana & Prince Charles



While I may not have been alive to view this royal wedding, I always admired Princess Diana. I remember the day Princess Diana passed away. It was tragic and even I was a sad little seven year old. But let's be real, we all loved the royal wedding for Diana. 


2. Princess Kate & Prince William



In 8th grade, I wrote a paper on Prince William and his current (at the time) single status. While we all dreamed of marrying William, it was ultimately Kate that stole his heart. This wedding is my personal favorite wedding of all time (besides my own, obviously!). The dress, the trees at the ceremony, the red carpet, all were stunning and made me feel like I was a little girl again, dreaming of becoming a Princess. 


3. Kim and Kanye


I will admit, I never saw this one coming. Kim, who is obsessed with herself, and Kanye, who is even more obsessed with himself, got married shortly after Kim ended her second marriage with Chris Whatshisface. While everyone assumed their pictures would be all over the tabloids, it was actually kept very private (Go Kim!), which made the wedding seem authentic. 


4. Brad & Jen



Two heartthrobs of the 90's getting together and ultimately getting married. Even though the marriage crumbled (thanks a lot, Angelina), we have recently been hearing rumors floating around that there may be a take 2 at this relationship? Wishful thinking? Maybe. But, these two would make very beautiful babies. 


5. Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise



Don't we all remember Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch when talking about Katie? This relationship, I always thought, was a weird one. Beautiful tall Katie and Scientologist Tom, getting together and having Suri Cruise. Eventually, the two got married, and now, thanks to Leah Remini's book, we are hearing about the weird rehearsal dinner.




In honor of Prince Harry and Princess Meghan's (can we call her that?) wedding on Saturday, we wanted to share our favorite weddings, but also let you know about some of the new additions to our collection. 


DID YOU KNOW? We have everything to have a royal high-tea party??


We have a wide variety of tea cups, saucers, and pots - Perfect for any kind of garden party or high tea themed baby shower, party, wedding shower, etc.  

 (photo by Billie-Shaye Styled Photography)


We also have goblets that are available in a wide variety of colors (and we will do customization for parties of 30 or less)


(These are our new Moon & Star Goblets)


And of course to round out our royal wedding themed post, how could we not share our new plate??



Are you excited for the royal wedding this weekend?? Let us know your favorite wedding of all time in the comments below, and email us at for more information about our collection!