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October 19, 2018

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August 1, 2019

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How To Make Your Wedding Sentimental

April 4, 2018

Weddings are already emotional and special, but why not make it even more special? Check out our suggestions on how to make your wedding sentimental (before, during, and after!)




1. Wearing your mother's veil at your wedding shower



Because I did not wear my mom's dress on my wedding day, I still wanted to wear a piece of her ensemble during the wedding festivities. I was able to wear her veil at my wedding shower. It was sentimental and also made for great photos. 





2. Displaying your mother and mother-in-law's dresses at the reception



Because my husband's parents and my parents have stayed together, I thought it would be special to have their wedding dresses at my wedding. For a woman, your dress is not just a dress, but a symbol of a day that two lives were brought together and became one in marriage, It is also a fun way to display the styles of the time periods, which can make for great conversation. 


3. Saving a seat for a loved one who has passed away



Unfortunately, not having loved ones be able to see you on your wedding day can be a painful experience. My best friend passed away a few years before my wedding, and she would have been a bridesmaid if she was still around. I knew I wanted to save her a seat at my wedding, because I wanted everyone else to know how special she was to me. I know she was watching me from Heaven, but I wanted a physical reminder for me and everyone else who loved her. 


4. Having a "fill in the blank" game or crossword puzzle  that is based around the bride and groom



While me and my husband went off to take photos after the wedding ceremony, the guests went to a waiting area. To help pass the time, we offered apple cider, water, a photo booth, and a crossword puzzle about us. We went to a free website where you could make up your own questions for a crossword puzzle and it would generate it for you to print off. We asked questions like "where are Shelby and Grayson going on their honeymoon?" It was a way for guests to get to know us a little bit better!





5. Making necklaces from pieces of your dress



I saw on Instagram, a post of a girl who had taken the pearl buttons off the back of her dress and strung them into necklaces for her bridesmaids as a gift after her wedding. I knew I wanted to do this since my dress had pearls down the back. I went to a local jewelry making shop and picked out the gold chain, the wire, and paid for the labor cost of having someone make them. It cost about $22 a person, which was a great price point for a necklace. I gave this to my bridesmaids and the grandmothers and mothers for Christmas. They were a total hit!




Do you have any more suggestions for making a wedding more sentimental? Share them in the comments!