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October 19, 2018

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August 1, 2019

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Must Haves For a Nashville Themed Wedding

September 5, 2017

Nashville is now becoming a destination wedding location to all the outsiders who love everything Nashville has to offer. As the home to country music, music enthusiast and wanna be southern belles like to make Nashville their wedding location to create the perfect feel and environment. As a Nashville native, I have compiled a few wedding must haves for  Nashville themed wedding.


1. A Live Band



Nashville is the only place I have ever been where live music is so rampant and easily accessible, so you MUST have a live band if you want a true Nashville themed wedding. Luckily, there are a lot of very good wedding bands offered in Nashville, because there are so many musicians trying to make it in country music. Having trouble finding a band online? Just go down to any bar on Broadway, find a band that is playing that you like, and they most likely will play weddings!


2. Hatch Show Prints 



Hatch Show Print has been around since 1879 and used to be located on Broadway until its recent move a few years ago (now it is on 5th Ave, where the Ryman is also located!). Hatch Show Print has always made very recognizable posters that many artists have tried to recreate all over the world. You can make your own custom posters, which would be cool to give to guests as party favors or to hang around the venue. If that isn't in your budget, Hatch Show also has a lot of Nashville posters that you can buy individually at their store to give your venue a nice Nashville touch. 


3. Goo Goo's



Did you know that GooGoo actually stands for Grand Ole Opry?! That's right, GooGoos have been around for quite some time and you can find them at any Cracker Barrel Old Country store! They are harder to find outside of the South (like California where I currently live :( ), so if you are from out of town, I would wait to buy them when in Nashville. They could be great party favors or handed out instead of the traditional cake?! They have original, supreme, and peanut butter (which is my personal favorite!). 


4. Yazoo Beer



San Diego may be known for their craft beer, but Nashville has an original craft beer as well. If you are going to be offering drinks at your wedding, be sure that Yazoo beer is on the menu! Nashville doesn't have a ton of craft beer options, but most natives love this beer, so you shouldn't have to worry about if people will like it or not.



5. A Nashville Venue


 The Grove at Williamson Place (photo by Eden Ingle)


There are a lot of historic places in Nashville that are open to having weddings. Some of the venues that are true Nashville staples are Marathon Music Works (also note that there is not a working elevator, so if you have older relatives that will be attending you may want to look elsewhere),  the Ryman (yes you can actually rent out the stage for events), Country Music Hall of Fame, Schermerhorn Symphony Hall, the Hermitage (Andrew Jacksons old home), and Loveless Cafe just to name a few. Even if these are out of your budget, you can still find a beautiful wedding venue not too far from these locations that are just as great! Also, if you are really wishing you had those loveless biscuits at your wedding, well you can! Loveless often caters events, so just buy up a bunch of their signature biscuits and you're set!




Did you think of something else that should be present at a Nashville themed wedding?? Let me know in the comments!