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October 19, 2018

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August 1, 2019

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How to Write Wedding Vows - IMO

August 17, 2017

In the last post, I shared a few videos of others suggestions on how to write wedding vows and today I will be sharing my opinions when it comes to writing vows.


 All photos are by Eden Ingle


1. Do not write your vows too late (or too early)



Do not start writing your vows a day before, but also don't write them months and months in advance. I wrote my vows about a week before the ceremony.  I tried writing them sooner, but was not in the right mindset. I needed a moment where the words just flowed. I never wanted to force the emotion, so I waiting for a moment when I was calm and ready to really think about what I wanted to say. I actually ended up writing mine on the plane ride to Nashville.


2. Write them on paper


I originally wrote my vows on my phone, but you never know what can happen to your phone. I didn't want to walk down the aisle with a cellphone in hand, so I transferred the vows to paper and numbered them. My husband actually memorized his (but don't do this unless you are ok with public speaking). Writing them on paper allows you to keep them after the wedding for sweet memories to look back on. 


3. Make sure to have a brief conversation with your husband (or wife) before writing your vows


I didn't want my vows to be too short, but I also didn't want them to be too long. My husband and I had a brief conversation about how long we were planning on speaking (mine was probably around a minute and a half). Don't make the vows too long winded but you also want to make sure your are on par with your significant other so the vows flow well together. 


4. Don't copy vows 


We have all seen the sweet vow videos on Facebook and Youtube, but the thing that makes vows special is not the cookie cutterness of the vows, but the intimate details that are special to the couple. No two relationships are the same and therefore vows should reflect that. 





Do you have any suggestions on writing vows? Leave them in the comments below!

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