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October 19, 2018

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August 1, 2019

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Average Age of a Bride and Groom

May 18, 2017

Being from the south and going to a Christian University, I always assumed that most people got married around the age of 22-23 (right after graduation). I had some friends who even got married in college!




The pressure was on whenever I decided to break up with my boyfriend of three years after graduation (that's right, AFTER graduating from college). I would go to family functions and people would ask "Got a man? When are you gonna get engaged?" and I would roll my eyes and think to myself, why do I need to be married now? I don't even pay my own health insurance yet! I can't even rent a car!




Surprise! Most people these days are getting married later in life. Maybe it is due to the high cost of living? Or the fact that most people our age are getting grossly underpaid and can't even afford to get married? But, no matter the reason, you can always find love no matter the age. 




Here are the stats for the average age of a bride and groom (from The Knot):


Average Age of a Woman Planning Her Wedding: 29 (up from 28 in 2008)

  • 88% are age 18-34

  • 12% are age 35+

Average Age of a Man Planning His Wedding: 31 (up from 30 in 2008)

  • 80% are age 18-34

  • 20% are age 35+

Among Engaged Women…

  • 78% are college graduates (up from 68% in 2008)

  • 27% have a graduate degree (up from 20% in 2008

Among Engaged Men…

  • 64% are college graduates

  • 18% have a graduate degree

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