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October 19, 2018

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August 1, 2019

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Top 5 Things You Need To Throw a Boho Chic Party

March 14, 2017

When I think of boho chic, I think about my first music festival, Outside Lands. The festival is located in San Fransisco, where the concept of being a "free spirit" was born. Now the festival has become a little more mainstream, but when I first went in 2014, it embraced the true spirit of SF. 


At the festival, I came across a table full of flowers and twine. A girl came over and let me know that they were making flower crowns. The extent of my flower crown making was limited to tying weeds together in the elementary school yard. I was intrigued and made my first real hippy flower crown. I loved the experience, and now I love and embrace the bohemian lifestyle. 



Here are my top 5 things I think you need to have at a boho chic party. 


1. Flower Crowns


Yes you just heard my whole experience with flower crowns, but honestly they were so much fun to make and this allows for so many Instagram worthy posts. This is also a fun activity the no one will think is "uncool."


2. Mismatched China


The whole mismatched china is very boho chic, but it has to be paired with the right decorations...




3. Greenery


Think natural - moss, greenery, etc. You don't want too many colors or it can get a little garden tea party feeling. Think neutral colors when putting together your color scheme, 


4. A Low Table with Pillows


Ever think about sitting on the floor on pillows versus chairs? Well now is your time to make that a reality. 




5. Dreamy Lights (Mood lighting)


I love a good wedding or party with dreamy lights. Try making your own fairy light wall using tule and some christmas lights! Cheap and easy!






What do you think you should have at a boho chic party!? Let us know in the comments!



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