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Q - Is there a minimum order?

A - Yes, we have a minimum order of $50.


Q - Do I have to wash the dishes and goblets before returning?

A - No! Washing service is included in your rental fee. Simply have your caterer scrape the plates and return to crates. If plates are not scraped of food, a $100 cleaning fee will be charged.


Q - Where did you get all the dishes and glasses?

A - We've been collecting china and goblets for years, scouring estate sales, antique shops and thrift stores in several states. It’s been great fun meeting the families and learning the history of the china. With an inventory of 10,000+ pieces, your tables will include a wide variety of items that complement one another. 


Q - Can I pick out the pieces I want?

A - Because we have such a large inventory, it is not possible for a host to select every dinner plate for a 150 person event! But, you can select your china collection from the classic, boho, blue or specialty collections, the color of your goblets, whether you want clear goblets in water or wine, and more. The Wedding Plate collection has been carefully curated, and the items complement each other well.


Q - Why shouldn't I collect my own china plates?

A - I've met many brides that said that they bought their own plates and wished they had learned about The Wedding Plate before doing so. We are equipped to transport the dishes and goblets, and we wash them after your event. We have spent hours scrapping price stickers, removing chipped pieces, and mix-and-matching a wonderful variety of patterns that adds to the beauty of your special day. Read about one bride’s experience here.


Q - How long is my rental?

A - Rental duration is up to 3 days, but let us know if you need additional time and we will do our best to accommodate you!


Q - Is delivery included in my rental?

A - Delivery and pick up is available, and rates begin at $100. You may also pick up your order from our location in Green Hills. If you select to pickup, you will need to have a van or suv with seats folded flat.


Q - Is tax added to my order?

A - Yes, the tax rate of 9.25% is added to the rental order.


Q - How do I reserve my items?

A - A 50% retainer fee and signed agreement will hold your date and items, and the balance is due one week prior to your event.


Q - What happens if something gets broken?

A - A 10% damage waiver fee will be added to every order to cover customary breakage and chipping. Negligence is not covered, such as dropping an entire crate of plates, a table falls, etc. Client will be charged replacement costs due to negligence. 

Q - Do you have serving pieces?

A - Yes! Our inventory includes silver trays, water pitchers, salt and pepper shakers, cream and sugars, tea pots, as well as china serving platters and bowls. We have a fabulous collection of cake stands and plateaus for your dessert bar. 


Q – What is your staging service?

A – Let us set your tables for you! Have you ever sat tables for 300 people? We have and know how long it takes! We will place napkins, dinner plate, flatware, select a complementary goblet, salad plate, etc. to ensure that your tables are picture perfect on your big day. Prices begin at $ per person for buffet package. Price increases when more items are included in the place settings and during time-sensitive venue flips. If you opt to set tables yourself, we will provide instructions for correct placement of items :) 


Q – How do you store and transport the china and goblets?

A – We store our items in commercial catering crates. Our crates will stack, lock in place and can be washed in our commercial dishwashers, so don’t worry about getting them dirty! Items must be returned in original crates; client will be charged if crates are lost or missing.

Q - Should we set tables if we plan to serve buffet style?

A - Definitely! Vintage china is too pretty to stack up on a buffet table! We suggest that you allow guests to find their seat at numbered tables and call 1-2 tables at a time to the buffet. Guests will take their dinner plate to the buffet when their number is called, but they won't stand in line at the buffet for too long. You might opt to preset drinks, bread, salad at the tables. 

Q - How many guests should I plan for?

A - It's always challenging to know how many guests to plan for! With a signed agreement, we allow clients to reduce quantities up to 10% up to 2 weeks prior to your event or add quantities up to 2 days before, depending upon availability. 

Q - Do you buy china?

A - We are not buying china at this time, as we are out of storage space! If you have colored goblets or vintage bar glasses you want to sell, email us photos to

Q - Do you have linens available to rent?

A - We have white and ivory napkins available for $0.60 ea.

Q - Can I take your items out of town?

A - Yes! Our collection travels more than we do! We will allow clients to take our collection out of town for an event, so let's talk.

Q - Can I see your collection?

A - Yes! We have a showroom in our home office filled with a sampling of our entire collection. We offer complimentary one hour design sessions so you can pull items from shelves and create your personalized combinations. Just email with a few dates and times, weekdays or weekends, and we will find a time for your consultation. 

Q - How many guests can your collection accommodate?

A - We can handle events as large as 500 guests with complete 5 piece place settings, water, wine and champagne glasses. We can also accommodate multiple small events on the same weekend. Our boho and blue transferware collections have 300+ dinner plates, and we have 700 classic collection dinner plates. We have 1500+ colored goblets, 800+ rocks glasses, 200+ high balls, and 500+ each of clear water, wine, and champagne glasses. We are a small business with a BIG inventory!